Why Japan? 2013

Why are you living in Japan?

If you didn’t already know, both my sets of grandparents served as missionaries in Japan. Here’s a generic timeline of events.
– Post-war, my dad’s parents move to be missionaries in Japan
– A few years later, my mom’s parents move to be missionaries in Japan
– My parents move to Los Angeles to attend college
– My parents marry and settle in LA
– I’m born in October, and take my 1st trip to Japan to visit my grandparents at 2 months old
– I continued to visit my dad’s parents in Japan at least once a year
– In 2008, I begin college in LA
– In 2010, I spend the summer in Japan working & home-staying
– In 2013, I am leaving to Japan for 1 year to work & live / love & share / learn & more

What is so cool about Japan?

This is the question I get the most. And through my journey experiences, I hope to illustrate a good answer. But for starters, here’s a quick list.

– Safety, low crime rate
– Kindness, community feel
– Cities are built well – where it is easy to
bike or walk to anything
– Public transportation: Cheap & efficient
– Food: Delicious, varied and everywhere!
– Attention to detail
– Hard-working people
– Work for the good of each other
– Family-oriented
– Good taste in design, aesthetic

For another good look at this, check out this blogger’s take here: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/josephkimx/2013/08/12/why-japan/