Work Dinner and KARAOKE

KARAOKE. So, this night was fun. The whole office went together to Chinese food. It was okay food and the service was bleh but we all had fun. At one point our boss asked who worked hardest this past weekend. When we all voted, 2 people were clear winners. So to them he gave each 5000 yen – about 50 bucks. Pretty neat. We had fun talking. My friend Daisuke and I are practically the same age so we have a lot in common. Everyone around the table had beers and the two of us didn’t. He said he didn’t like the taste. I guess as the lowest on the office totem pole it was my job to refill everyone’s drinks? So that was new. Oh, and Maki-san drinks a lot. Who-da-thunk-it? Anyways. Then, we walked to the Karaoke place. This place was neat. They had hats, masks, tambourines and macarenas. Which was fun because even if you weren’t singing you got to play along.
Some key songs sung were:
Baby – Justin Beiber (I picked this one and they didn’t know it but quickly caught on that there is only one lyric)
My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
Beat It – Michael Jackson
We Are The Champions – Queen
It was a blast. At one point, Komiya-san fell asleep but he still had his Toy Story plush mask on.
I laughed so hard this night. #whatablast