How the unsaved Japanese have us fooled

Living in a city with such little Christian representation, I can’t help but wonder…why? Maybe no knows knows about the need or maybe no one is leading. Then it occurred to me that from the outset the Japanese people have us convinced that they’re fine. (As opposed to 3rd world countries) Right? They are an economic powerhouse; they lead in industry, in education, in health. For all of these reasons they have become engrossed with pride, arrogance, and hardness of heart. They don’t think they need God. There is no apparent need. Similar to pharisees, Japanese live out of a deeply rich, traditional moral code. ,They exude kindness, respect, hospitality and selflessness in their daily lives.

They do need our love, God’s love and the gospel, though. They experience family and work life that teaches shame and honor. They don’t know grace. They need to understand Gods purpose for their lives. I’m wondering and calling on God for discernment if there is any way I can be of help in inviting more Christians to serve here, live and work here.