Lessons in hospitality / etiquette

The Japanese (for the most part) are extremely well-mannered and consider manners, etiquette of utmost importance. I’ve struggled with some aspects of this for sure. I’m keen on pushing myself to learn them and accustom myself to them, though. Not only will following these rules help me to fit in and not offend people, they can help me in the future regardless of where I live or who I am with. Manners, I’m learning, are important. Here are just a few Japanese etiquette guidelines I’ve come across when it comes to hospitality.

Rules – Hospitality
Always bring something when going to someone’s house for dinner
Always help with the dishes – to completion
Always be over-thankful
Show your gratefulness and surprise at anything given to you
Start helping – rather than just offering
Always over-offer
When people refuse, offer again. If they refuse again, just give it to them anyway