A call for prayer

Two days ago my boss’ son passed away. It is very sad. The boy was three years old, but had suffered a heart defect that limited his growth. The boy never aged past a few months old. This is a hard time for my boss, my boss’ wife, their family, as well as my co-workers.

The day it happened the office was in full panic. Everyone was crying. That night we went to the family’s home, sat with the baby’s body and visited with the family. I was very saddened, too. It was very tough and I’ve never seen things like I saw that night ever before.

All this to say, what a seemingly good way to share God’s message to everyone involved. The good news is that while that baby suffered here on earth, the Bible tells us that since he was too young to know good or evil he is with God in Heaven. Better yet, he is in a new heavenly body – healthy and full of life for eternity.

If you can pray for me specifically through this time. Tomorrow is the service and I am preparing to be of any use. Please pray that I get an opportunity to share God to these people. I want to be on call for the Holy Spirit here specifically.

Thank you!