Company BBQ Take 2!

So, back in August our company had a barbecue. IF you missed the post, check it out here:

We did it again! This day, however, was in the cold December! We went to a different town this time, it is called ‘Hitachi-naka’. Which is right along the ocean. We went to a beautiful, large park. This whole city was so expansive that it reminded me of the States! The park was along the ocean so it is colder than where I live here. We all

met there at around 10 am. The park has a large wheelbarrow you can rent for your things. We took one of those, and paid an entrance fee before getting in. Today no one was there it felt somewhat eerie. Did I mention it is beautiful, though? Haha! We set up for the barbecue, etc. My friend and I skipped off to the nearby playground which was soo neat! It reminded me of the good ol’ days as a youngster running around Japan’s parks. (Their parks rock by the way) A Japanese barbecue is different than an American one in a number of ways. The one that stands out the most is that in the U.S. we usually cook everything, prep everything, then put everything in bowls on the table to sit down and eat together. In Japan, it is like an ongoing process. You all sit or stand near the grill, cooking things two at a time and then put them into your bowl or plate, etc. Surprisingly unorganized for being Japanese. Let’s see how much of today’s menu I can remember…Small rice balls, Oolong Tea, Enoki (long white mushrooms) with mayo topping, eggplant with oil/soy sauce, Sweet white potato, beef slices, clams, shrimp, anko (a type of fish), another type of fish that they put a stick through and salted, yakisoba, potatoes, another type of fish with miso flavoring, juice, soup, and tangerines. It was so yummy and fun. We talked about many things and laughed a lot. After clean up, we drove to the other side of the park where there is an amusement park. The park is very large but had very few working rides. It wasn’t necessarily run down or dirty, everything just seemed to be out of service. We rode a roller coaster which was fun, and played a few games. Then it was time to head home! Lovely time. Here are some pics.


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  1. What a beautiful park to have a BBQ in! All the food looks so delicious and I can tell you guys had a great time. Those huge stuffed animals you guys were sitting on were so cute lol.

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