Massive mall – shopping with friends

Hey-o! This week we had an extra day off! (I don’t know why) So, let me catch you up…Sunday night, two of my foreigner friends and I went bowling and had sushi. We all rode our bikes there – which was about a 40 minute ride. Mind you, we are in the 30 degrees (f) nowadays. We had fun! It has been a while since I’ve had sushi, believe it or not. Tuesday night we had an office end of the year dinner. It is a tradition to talk about the bad things during the year and leave them behind. Then, you discuss the good possibilities of the next year. Which, I don’t remember hearing a lot about. For the most part, we talked about how the boss is focusing his attention to other things and how he will soon make the top salesman the new boss. So, the top salesman said how he would like to hire everyone for his office. A lot of office talk. Too much for me, really. The food was good, though. Afterward we did karaoke. I sang “All I want for Christmas is You” and on the “you”s I pointed to everyone. It was fun. I left at 1 am and the rest of the group left at 3:30 apparently. So, wow. Next, today I had prayer meeting at church, then my friends from work picked me up to go shopping! This mall – is HUGE. Check out some pics here. It is crazy big. One of the pluses of living in “the outskirts”, “inaka”, “farm country”, is BIG stores, SUPER stores. I needed a white elephant gift for a Christmas party and they took me to the best place. We shopped at francfranc. That is literally my favorite store. WHY is it not in U.S.? Wait, it could be…somewhere. Hmm…Anywho! Now I onto last minute prep before my flight. My luggage is 90% gifts, by the way. GET EXCITED. Love, Jacqueline