Presenting next month

I’m going to present at the city office next month! 1 1/2 hours on the business of sustainable design – my university research topic. Three times a week I study Japanese at the city office (I do believe I’d written on that previously) and last week they mentioned how there is an upcoming ‘World Culture Seminar’ and they are looking for presenters. Basically, the topic can be anything. So, I emailed that guy my spiel, and vuala! He said I’m in! So, I’m preparing now. Like I said I covered this topic extensively in my final semester during university. I am pretty passionate about the whole ‘eco’ thing, you could say. I come at it from a point, however, as a designer because the designer is the middle man – an effector for good or harm to the environment. I won’t get into all the dry details of my speech. Plus, I need to work on adjusting my audience to low-level English! The fun begins…

Also! I’ve gotten the opportunity to take up a side job – one of those working nights-only restaurant jobs. Super thankful for the opportunity to earn extra cash, and experience too! An answer to prayer! Anywho, the owner will give me a test run this Thursday so please pray that it goes well. I hope to work there a few nights a week. I’ll keep you updated on that. Peace!


2 thoughts on “Presenting next month

  1. Jacko!!
    So excited about your talk…will it be taped can we see it! God is so great giving you new oppurtunities at the restaurant and with the new talk. He will give you Strength to match them. I miss you and appreciate your blog! I love the pictures of snow in Japan they are simply the best.
    Love you

    • Hi Malia! Thank you for your comment! I miss you! You have heard the talk or at least reviewed my paper! HAHA but that is a good idea I should see about getting it taped. God has been incredibly faithful in providing these opportunities! I got the side job and it has been going well! Thanks again for your kind words ;P Love, Jacko

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