Hitachi Seaside Park (国営ひたち海浜公園)

It’s Golden Week!!!

Ever since I’ve come to Japan (Mito), there have been about 10 things every single person asks if I’ve done, or recommends I do. THIS is one of the last I have to cross off of my list – visiting the Hitachi Seaside Park during the Spring blossoming. WOW! Can I tell you just how incredible it was. The park is very wide. It sits right on the edge of the sea (seaside, get it?). And there are over a million of this blue flower planted in this area. During this time in spring, the flowers blossom and turn into a “sea”. People love to take pictures of it on sunny days (like today) because of the gradient that appears between the sky and the flowers, or the sky and the ocean. I loved hanging out with my friends. These two attend church with me – Yumi and Miyuki. We were singing along to Hillsong in the car, talking about how to get more families to church, and how we like our jobs. I had so much fun today! We were planning to go to a neat little cafe afterward, before I remembered I had to meet someone for an English class. We were smart to get out early, the traffic was so bad it took us an hour just to get 2 miles. My lesson was at 6:30 and we left the park at 5. Plenty of time, I thought so naively. Yumi dropped me off at the train station, I got the 6:11 train, arrived at 6:17, ran for 3 minutes to my parked bike, biked my heart out the one mile to McDonald’s for the lesson. I have the receipt of the drink I bought there that says “6:29”. Hahaha, victory! P.S. I started teaching English lessons in my free time! God always provides, doesn’t He? I listed my name on a teaching site a few months ago, and this month alone I acquired six individual student lessons. They quite nicely will fit into my free time, while allowing me to make extra money, make new friends, etc. This week is “Golden Week”. A series of a few national holidays. Most of my days are already filled with plans like today, so expect more pictures! It is time to charge up my phone and camera and head to bed. Exhausted! 🙂