Pottery festival and Tsutsuji (Evergreen Azaleas) flower viewing

Today I joined my co-worker Maki, her sister Emi on yet another adventure. This trip, I invited my friend Darryl in on the fun. What a fun day we had! First to the Pottery festival. The town is well-known for pottery, and this is the event that brings out all the shops together. We had ice cream (not pictured) and pizza. Look how they cooked it! We walked around and saw really unique pottery. Darryl found the city mascot, a fox. Then we took a bus to the top of a mountain to see the Tsutsuji flowers in bloom! Gorgeous, I tell you! We worked up an appetite and stopped at this family restaurant, an udon shop. I had kimchi udon for the first time. It was intense! They give you a massive mug of water and a bib – it is THAT intense (even for me). We had fun talking about each other’s cultures, the city, and each other’s hobbies. I can’t wait to hang out with them again sometime.