Amateurs making their own websites

I know a few people who have made their websites themselves. They aren’t web designers. They didn’t study HTML. They have no idea what SEO is. It really worries me. People use even the site or a website builder through their domain host or web host. I wouldn’t say I am worried about them taking my job. I am worried, rather, about the damage it will do to their business. When it comes to building a website, you need to understand how much goes into the design of a successful website. Designers, we study and pore over the placement of a single phrase, logo, or picture, etc. We can test and identify for errors, missed opportunities and more. In fact, I can’t even explain all there is to learn – because it would take the 10 years I’ve been studying it to explain it to you. In short, it is like assuming I could do your job. “Oh, you are a restaurateur? I know how to cook. I could do your job.” And you would, “Hey, wait just a minute. I did this, and this, I studied this and that, I experienced failure here and here, success here and there…There is no way you could do it successfully”. And I think that is the key. “Successfully”. It reminds me of this drug pill TV commercial that ran in and around 2013: