Passing on a good devotional

Hey! I hope you have had a restful Christmas time with your loved ones. I know I did. I was overjoyed to have time off to go home to Los Angeles and spend time with my family and friends. I felt surrounded by Christ’s love and blessing. I am now safely back in Japan in the cold weather. I wanted to pass along a wonderful online devotional from Hillsong’s Brian Houston. People poke fun at current worship song writers because they sometimes get their theology wrong. Well, here is a guy pulling straight from the Word. I’ll link one of the posts here:


Just one of those days…

Just one of those days...

Fall weather makes me feel relaxed. If I were at home right now I’d be making puzzles and drinking hot cocoa with the fam. I love this weather. I also feel like this gif describes that vibe. 🙂

Church Sunday

We had an incredible time at church Sunday. A couple who are missionaries came. The wife played the koto and her husband shared his testimony. It was beautiful. Plus, two junior high school boys came to church for the first time.


I (Almost) got a day off

Well, Saturday and Sunday were exhausting. It was probably the most tired – physically and mentally that I’ve been in a while. I worked alongside my office team to run a shaved ice booth for the city festival. (We were too busy to take any pics, sorry!) I was at the front of service commanding customers with ‘Irasshaimase’ (Welcome) and other phrases. Once the customer paid, I was the person for order pick-ups as well. At one point I kept track of how many customers we had in one minute and it was three. So, over the eight+ hours a day we worked…yeah, you can imagine how tiresome it was.

Today was our first day back at the office and it was obvious that morale was low. One of my friends lost her voice. Nonetheless, we got work done. Towards the end of the day I finished early and they said I could go home. My friend/supervisor randomly asked the supervisor if I could have the day off tomorrow. Embarrassed, I listened in while the supervisor said, “No.” Bummer. The rest of the day I had previously planned Japanese study, web design work, and a bike ride. When it came down to it, all I had energy for was a bike ride. Trying to relax now with some light work. I don’t want to get too behind but I know I am too tired to give 110% creatively right now.